Vice President's Message

The Association of Petroleum Geologists (APG), India was conceived as a platform for focal convergence of activities for promoting and propagating Geology to further the cause of the Petroleum Industry, while also enabling meaningful industry-academia interface. From the baby steps in the formative years, it has come a long way today, establishing itself as a premier Geo-Scientific Society in India and South –eastAsia. I feel immensely privileged as well as humbled for being entrusted with the responsibility of Vice-President of this august society. Under the stewardship of our Patron and Presidentwith productive collaboration with other office bearers, I have no doubt in my mind that we shall be steering APG, India into a higher orbit with purpose and aplomb.

The Petroleum Industry is currently at the crossroads, beset with multifarious challenges,from delving into complex geologies for ‘difficult oil’ to dealing with ever evolving governmental regulatory and policy frameworks for the E&P sector. Needless to mention, in a knowledge driven Industry like ours, where geologic settings and processes largely determine the course of success, Petroleum Geology as a science will be a key driver for the roadmap ahead. In this milieu, APG will have an even more important role to play, going forward. We aspireto be cogent enablers for spurring new ideas and thought processes in industry practitioners through facilitation of exposure and knowledge assimilation with regard to advances and developments in Petroleum Geosciences, new technologies for value addition and risk mitigation as also industry best practices and benchmarks. Establishing cross-industry networking and organizing workshops, expert talks, seminars, field trips and continuing education programmesshall be our focus areas.Students of Geosciences are the potential future of our industry. We are committed to harnessing new talents and showcasing the Petroleum Industryas an attractive career option.Fostering Industry-Academia synergies and promoting healthy interactions and collaboration shall go a long way towards this end.

Last but not the least, may I urge upon all stake holders to come forward wholeheartedly and participate, contribute and collaborate to make APG an even more vibrant and thriving entity and, in the process, reap rich dividends for our profession, society and industry.

With Best Wishes,

Dhruvendra Singh
Vice-President, APG India